There are just some things you can't unsee..
1 in a million….

I could get 1 million “you look great” comments, but the one “you are fat” comment I received over the weekend keeps bouncing around my brain, and just pissing me off. I have about a million cut downs to destroy this person that I will most likely use, rather than my fists. Doesn’t make it right, but it will keep me out of trouble.


I blame people for trying to sabotage my diet. The truth is (no surprise here) I let it happen and I do it to myself frequently. I have to stop. I’m scared to get huge again. I wasn’t a happy person. I’m still not the happiest person, but my body wasn’t as much of an issue. The problems are still there. Sweet jeezo I’m boring.

I did this yesterday and a leg workout today along with zumba and I am in pain today! Its good pain, not the usual ‘oh my gosh my back is killing me from my lumpy old mattress’ pain….also starting some Russian twists to work on my biggest problem… My belly. I actually feel good about the way I look now, I feel great, until I see a picture of myself. But pictures now are far better than the pictures of me from 4 years ago. I’m sad I wasted so much time line looking terrible. The sky is the limit! :-)

I want to give up

I forgot that life happens, and I wish I could just go to bed and cover up my head until summer, but I must move on and struggle to lose weight…back to work!!!!

Run away!

I got back to running today and did 2.5 miles.  I get so discouraged sometimes….I wanted to run the Blueberry festival road race in mid august in my town, but I’ve never run a race and I’m scared i’m going to embarass myself, or not finish, or poop myself or something.  Well, pooping myself would be pretty embarassing, so I guess I can move that one over to that category.  What if I run different, or shuffle more than everyone else.  I want to be a bad ass, but I am just not one.  Maybe next year.  I still have time, but this year, I don’t think I can do it.  I love running on my own time and taking my time, and everytime I think I want to move faster, my body won’t do it.  I am truly my own worst enemy.  I have been in such a horrible, bitchy, opinionated mood lately, and I really am having a bad mood swing this week.  I don’t want to blame it on anything, but I don’t know what is wrong with me right now.  I actually feel a little bit better now since I ran this morning, so maybe I just needed to work out.  I have no idea.  If anyone has any input on running, I would be happy to hear from anyone, whether you run marathons, or whether you are struggling to make that 3rd or 4th mile. 

The first one is hard for me!!!!

The first one is hard for me!!!!

This little piggy is adorable!


Can you believe how cute these little pigs are? The smallest pig is named Tetley, because he’s not much bigger than a cup of tea. 

Pennywell Farm in Devon, England is home to these incredibly tiny pigs. Touted as “the next perfect pet”, Pennywell’s Miniature Pigs are a variant on a rare breed from New Zealand. The Pennywell Farm began cross-breeding the pigs nine years ago. Farm co-owner Chris Murray wanted to breed the pocket-size pigs “so that children can enjoy giving them a cuddle.” He says they are easy to house train and have a good temperament. 

Murray also says these pets aren’t your average slothful porkers: “As pets, it is very important that the pigs are kept fit not fat.” The Pennywell Miniature can live for eight years or more (indeed one lived to the age of 14), so Murray tells prospective buyers that “a pig is not just for breakfast.” The Pennywell Farm website encourages owners to play games like “hunt the food” in order to bond with and enrich the lives of their tiny companions.

Photos by Richard Austin

[via ABC News]

Paper or Latex?

I would die of happiness if I was at the supermarket and Alexander Skarsgard was buying groceries. And scream a lot.

Paper or Latex?


I would die of happiness if I was at the supermarket and Alexander Skarsgard was buying groceries. And scream a lot.

Dieting on the weekends… Not great.

I’m trying to not eat a ton on the weekends, but from about Thursday on, I’m only supposed to be eating 34 pointplus, but I keep hitting 50 and 55 points!  I ran 2 miles on Saturday, so that’s good, but mostly I floated around in a pool and drank my meals, and ate my meals.  Did you know a Bud Light Lime is 4 points a bottle?! my breakfast should be that many points :(  So if I drink one, i’m all set, but c’mon……:) I skipped running because I feel like I’m going to blow my knee out and I feel like the little green mucus guy from the Mucinex commercial is having a little kegger in my chest with a few of his friends.  It just hasn’t been a great weekend all around.  Since I’m bitching, I guess I will talk about how I have to account for every second of my day lately, and I guess I’m supposed to magically hear my phone ringing when the ringer is off from being in the movie theater and then driving in my car with the windows down because I have no A/C in my car! Ahhhhhh!  I remember a time when no one but Zack Morris had a fucking cell phone and we all survived!  I no longer want a phone. I should not have 17 missed calls in 15 minutes unless lots of blood is involved.  What the shit?!

I was just talking about this gay ass movie today….Dear Sam Raimi and Stan Lee: I want my fucking $8.00 and that part of my life back! what a stink bomb.


just wanted to remind you all that this was a thing that happened. that’s it. nothing more. you’ve officially seen all of spider-man 3 by looking at this gif set. you’re welcome.

lmfao spider man 3 was the worst